Modify cluster

  • Scale-up cluster
  • Scale-down cluster
  • Upgrade license
  • Upgrade ZebClient

Scale-up or scale-down

To scale up and down the cluster, you just have to increase or decrease the value of agents_n in the <deployment_id>_quickstart.config file.

As an example, the cluster has currently 2 running agents and you want to scale-up the agents to 3:

agents_n = 3
agents_host.1 =
agents_host.2 =

Once the <deployment_id>_quickstart.config is updated, enter the control pane shell and run the deployment again.

To enter the control pane shell:

./ -s

Run the deployment:

./ -ci --blueprint_info

–blueprint_info is optional.

You will be prompted to provide the fqdn or the ipaddr of the new agent interactively:

root@1f8f5cc995bd:/apps# ./ -ci --blueprint_info
Please select deployment template: 'alpha', 'beta', 'delta', 'epsilon', 'gamma', 'lamda', 'theta' [theta]:

{'description': 'This Blueprint can spin up resources in On-prem with wasabi-s3 outlet', 'vm': ['On-prem'], 'outlet': ['Wasabi-S3']}

Do you wish to continue ? [yes]
Deployment Name: Testtest
INFO:ZebClientInstall:[Errno 17] File exists: '/apps/Testtest'
        Enter the fqdn or the IP address of the agents host number 3 [localhost]:
INFO:ZebClientInstall:Inputs are stored in file: /apps/Testtest/wasabi/zebclient/inputs.yaml
INFO:ZebClientInstall:Logs are been written to /tmp/zebclient_Testtest_20211007-154559.log
INFO:ZebClientInstall:applying  ZebClient
INFO:ZebClientInstall:applying  ZebClient: Elapsed time: 10 seconds
INFO:ZebClientInstall:applying  ZebClient: Elapsed time: 20 seconds
INFO:ZebClientInstall:apply done successfully. Please check the log file for detail /tmp/zebclient_Testtest_20211007-154559.log