Deploy a ZebClient cluster in the Cloud

In a Cloud deployment, ZebClient will automatically provision and configure resources to host the cluster in the selected cloud (VMs, local disks, VPC etc.). Currently supported Cloud Service Providers are AWS and Azure. The size of the cluster is defined by selecting the Small / Medium or Large package (see section Application nodes & cluster size). In addition to selecting cluster size, the initial number of application nodes need to be defined.

The ZebClient Deployment Manager will ask questions of the following type to execute the setup:

Enter the number of application nodes that should be used: [1]
Enter the admin user for the host: [srvadm]

Enter the number of cluster nodes (hosts ZebClient server processes) that should be used: [1]

Note: The ZebClient Deployment Manager supports scale-out/scale-in of application nodes once the cluster has been created.

Since ZebClient Deployment Manager automatically has provisioned the cloud resources, the IPs of the target machines are already known and do not need to be explicitly provided by the user.