Application nodes & cluster size

A ZebClient cluster

Example of a Medium sized ZebClient cluster.

ZebClient cluster

Number of application nodes

ZebClient has been designed to support scale-out application use cases. Once a cluster size has been decided on and deployed, application nodes can be dynamically provisioned or decommissioned to meet the needs of the use case. For a High Performance scale out case, a large number of Application nodes can be deployed to serve data access from multiple nodes, for parallell workloads. All ZebClient cluster data will then be accessable from each Application node, with first read operation having Warm tier performance and consecutive read operations supporting Hot tier performance.

Selection of cluster size

The number of cluster nodes and number of disks/memories are set by selecting Cluster Size of ZebClient cluster for deployment in Table Cluster below. Performance is best scaled for large clusters from 6 up to 10 Application nodes using the Large cluster deployment. For a ZebClient cluster having more than 10 Application nodes deployment, contact Zebware for a custom configuration.

Both node, disk redundancy and performance needs to be consider for the deployment. All default Cluster Size deployments of ZebClient in Table Cluster have both node and disk redundancy if deployed on separate nodes without single point of failure.

Table Cluster

Cluster Size Nodes No Warm Disks Hot Disks Node redundancy Disk redundancy
Small 2 4 1 1 2
Medium 4 8 2 1 2
Large 8 16 4 2 4
Custom cluster Contact Zebware for consultation

Table Single

Cluster Size Nodes No Warm Disks Hot Disks Node redundancy Disk redundancy
Single 1 1 2 0 0

Cluster: Small, Medium or Large ZebClient cluster. Single is on one node deployment.

Nodes: Number of nodes for deploy of ZebClient cluster Warm tier

Warm: Total number of Warm disks

Hot: Possible number of Hot disks/memories for acceleration on each Application node. Total number of Hot disk/memories in cluster is Hot x number of Application Nodes

Disks and memories to be used

  • Warm tier disk size is default 1 TB, larger disks are better.
  • Hot tier memory/disk size is default 1/10 of Warm tier disks. Choose high performance disks/memories for the Hot tier. Total number of Hot disk/memories in the ZebClient cluster is Hot x number of Application nodes.