ZebClient deployment

To deploy a ZebClient cluster there need to be answers to the following questions that will later be input to ZebClient CLI for an automatic deployment of ZebClient cluster.

Data under management

This is the amount of data that the ZebClient cluster will support High Performance access to.

1 - What Data under Management volume to configure ZebClient cluster for? default: 10 TB

ZebClient Cluster Size Data under Management TB
Single 1 - 100
Small 1 - 250
Medium 1 - 500
Large 1 - 1000

The most important factor is choosing size of cluster to provision correct volume of persistent memory resources to deliver performance, resulting in a maximum number of Application nodes possible to serve with High Performance of Warm data. For a CSP deployment resources will be provisioned automatically, but for OnPrem deployment the correct number of memories and nodes must be available before start of deployment. Please read carefully On-Premise deployment for more information. Please see below graph showing AWS performance data.

ZebClient cluster size

2 - What ZebClient cluster size to deploy for Warm data? Single, Small , Medium , Large

ZebClient Cluster Cluster nodes (No) Maximum number of Application nodes Warm Cache size GB (minimum) Number of Cache volumes No
Single 1 (No redundancy) 1 500 2
Small 2 5 500 4
Medium 4 25 1000 8
Large 8 100 2000 16

Hot and Warm read performance

Number of ZebClient Application nodes and performance

1 - What number of application nodes with ZebClient data access to deploy?

2 - What Hot data acceleration on the Applications nodes to be deployed?

ZebClient Cluster deployed Hot data acceleration
Single 1x
Small 1-2x
Medium 1-6x
Large 1-12x

Hot and Warm read performance

Creating a configuration

Using ZebClient Manager and enter answers on above questions into ZebClient Manager will give an output of a suggested optimal configuration. For a Cloud configuration for approval, and for a OnPrem deployment as a Bill of Materials (BOM), for provisioning before deployment of the ZebClient cluster. This manual only describe ZebClient Manager running as a SaaS solution and a ZebClient cluster in the cloud. Please contact Zebware for OnPrem or hybrid mode installation for ZebClient Manager and ZebClient Cluster.