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Cost saving unified Cloud File and S3

A private and high-performance elastic cloud storage


ZebClient secures data and delivers a guaranteed performance to applications. This enables huge cost savings as local storage can be replaced with low-cost durable cloud storage. A ZebClient cluster can be scaled both up and out to meet the requirements of different applications and use cases. A ZebClient cluster deployment offer the benefits of great flexibility and anti-vendor lock-in effects for the IT infrastructure architecture. It also keeps data private and thereby provides compliance to regulatory demands.

ZebClient Architecture

ZebClient is a cloud data memory bridge software that operates by bringing cloud data to persistent memory disks or PMEM and by storing data in the cloud for durability.

ZebClient Cluster Overview

A ZebClient cluster uses data tiering to optimally utilize available persistent memory resources on all nodes. The ZebClient tiering is a logical construct where each tier represents a homogenous performance class. A higher tier is faster and smaller than a lower tier.

ZebClient Tiering