To secure a correct deployment and life cycle management, handling needs to be easy. The ZebClient Deployment Manager allows you to deploy your ZebClient and to perform updates and de-commissions in a few easy, quick and safe steps.


Before kicking off, please secure that you have your target machines and cloud credentials available. Also, register for an account via the Zebware Customer Portal.

Zebware Customer Portal Target machines can be bare metal or VMs. For a trial configuration, a single disk on a single machine is sufficient. For production, a cluster mode setup with multiple machines is advised.

Linux OS should be used for target machines and for the machine running the ZebClient Deployment Manager.

Quick ready-to-go templates provide high quality and security for your deployments

ZebClient Deployment Manager makes the deployment process fast and easy with quick start scripts including templates for different deployment scenarios: on-prem, hypervisor support or for bare metal, or in the cloud.

Automated provisioning, installation, and configuration

ZebClient Deployment Manager automates the provisioning and deployment of ZebClient:

  1. Spin up and provision servers
  2. Install and configure the ZebClient software
  3. Prepare the S3 outlet/cloud storage
  4. Provision security configurations including IAM users and data policy in AWS and Azure.

Easy life cycle management

ZebClient Deployment Manager supports you throughout the lifecycle management process and secures that all updates and de-commissions can be easily performed in a fast and controlled way using verified templates and scripts.